Making The Right Decision In Putting Your Horse Down

Saying goodbye to a long-term companion is never be an easy decision for a horse lover to make, but it is important that you know that very few horses die naturally without any suffering. Read our article making the right decision in putting your horse down to find out more…

Making The Right Decision In Putting Your Horse Down?

Euthanasia is a way to ensure your horse has a pain-free death, but knowing when it is the right time to take that decision is a concern for all responsible horse owners.

Some of the important indicators that may highlight that the end is drawing near for your companion are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Chronic weight loss
  • Difficulty to move and/or get up after laying down

When it comes to euthanasia, most owners opt for a lethal injection by a vet.  It is important for you to plan ahead as to what will happen to your horse’s body afterwards.  It will be easier to manage when the time comes if a prior arrangement has already been made.  Please call Heavenly Pastures for more information and a sensitive discussion about the services we offer. You can choose to have your horse’s ashes returned to you, in a beautiful box so you can remember them forever.

Of course, you may be in need of some emotional support during this difficult time. There are a number of schemes and information leaflets available from organisations such as World Horse Welfare, the BHS and Blue Cross that can make sure that you as a horse owner is supported through every stage of the equine euthanasia process.

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