Assessing Quality Of Life For Your Horse

When you have loved and cared for a horse and provided it with a good quality of life for many years it is important that they also have a good end of life. Taking the decision to euthanise your horse is one of the hardest decisions an owner will ever make.

Assessing Quality Of Life For Your Horse

The quality of a horse’s life is defined by their physical and mental wellbeing. The increased effectiveness of veterinary procedures has resulted in an increased life span for horses; strengthening the bond that exists between horse and owner. A longer life means it is likely that that the owner will need to consider quality life as the horse grows older.

Questions to consider:

  • Have you sought the opinion of your vet about the current condition of your horse?
  • How was your horse prior to any recent injury or illness?
  • Do you have the time and capability to support an ageing or ill horse?
  • Have you considered the costs of long-term veterinary care?
  • Have you sought the advice of the animal’s insurance company?

Inexpensive treatments are often available that can improve the quality of life for an older horse and manage conditions to prolong a good quality of life.

Planning in advance

Understanding the euthanasia options is essential, and you should research well in advance so you can make a clear decision in an emotional situation. You must also consider the disposal of the horse’s body as the owner is legally required to arrange this. You can discuss the options with your vet or register with the National Fallen Stock Scheme

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