Guide to Teeth

Find how often your horse’s teeth should be checked and how to tell if a horse has dental problems in our guide to teeth.

Heavenly Pastures Horse Cremations Guide to Teeth

A horse’s teeth work hard. They have to break down grass and hay to 3mm before it can enter the stomach, so their teeth wear continually. They have adapted to this by keeping a reserve of tooth below the gum line. This constantly grows over the horse’s life.

Domestication and the type of land on which we keep horses means that their teeth now don’t always wear down evenly. Good pasture means that horses do not have to graze for as long nor work so hard when chewing. Riding horses also puts pressure around the mouth which can exacerbate dental problems unless a horse’s teeth are checked regularly.

What are the main signs of dental problems in horses?

A horse with dental pain may show one or more of the following signs:

  • Quidding – dropping or spitting out chewed food
  • Weight loss
  • Bad breath
  • Reluctance to being touched around the head area
  • Swellings of the face
  • Nasal discharge – often yellow coloured and only on one side

What are the most common equine dental problems?

Equine teeth continually grow. This process replaces the tooth surface that is worn down through chewing. When this system is not working well, disorders of wear arise, including:

  • Sharp enamel points
  • Overgrowths
  • Waves and steps
  • Displaced teeth

Regular routine dental checkups allow problems to be corrected before they become a major issue.

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