Cheshire Horse Cremations

As a responsible Cheshire horse owner, we know you want to do your best to make sure that you are prepared for the event of your equine companion’s passing away. Our Cheshire horse cremations service can help you during this difficult time in the most sensitive and respectful way.

Cheshire Horse Cremations

When a Cheshire horse passes away you are going to feel many emotions. Whatever the circumstances of your companion’s passing, Heavenly Pastures Cheshire horse cremations are here to help you with the respectful removal of the body followed by a Cheshire horse cremation service.

Our Equine End of Life Service Cheshire is here to take care of everything you need. We arrange for the collection of your horse from Cheshire at a time that suits you and then we manage the whole process in line with your wishes – respectfully and professionally handling every process with the level of compassion that you would expect.

We know we cannot take away the grief that comes when an animal is lost, but we do all we can to help you organise a respectful Cheshire horse cremation service, with the option of the animal’s ashes being returned to you so you can commemorate your horse in the way that you want. Following the Cheshire horse cremation, if you wish, we can return your horse’s ashes in a beautiful oak casket fitted with a brass nameplate. Alternatively, we are able to manage the ashes on your behalf in the most sensitive and respectful way.

Heavenly Pastures Horse Cremations Cheshire

Heavenly Pastures Horse Cremations are here to help you with collection and cremation services for horses in Cheshire – we cover a nationwide horse collection and horse cremations service. We will give you the opportunity to grieve as our Cheshire equine end of life service takes care of the practical arrangements for you.

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